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Media and Publications

I have been fortunate to have received some local endorsements from Verona community members and I have participated in interviews with local press.  Also,  as an education attorney, I have published articles and have presented to parent groups and district staff on the topic of special education and related services.  

Thank you to Genelle Gutierrez-Navarro for her bi-lingual endorsement.  I do believe that every student in Verona should feel like they are part of the community that makes up Verona schools. Of all the Board of Education meetings I have attended over the years, the meetings where students from the high school spoke about their experiences as Black, brown, asian, LGBTQ+ students in Verona had the most impact on me and were the most meaningful.  If elected, I will work toward this goal of inclusion in our schools. 

Thank you to Genelle and please read her entire endorsement here.

Another wonderful endorsement from the Verona Community!  I feel very thankful that my message that Verona is a great place to raise a family, and with some adjustments to communication and use of best practices, our school system can become even better.  Thank Laura Giasone and the Giasone-Gottlieb Family!

To read the full endorsement click here or here.

Great endorsement by Kristen Donohue highlighting my commitment to public service and the needs of our special education community. Although special education will always hold a place in my heart, if elected to the BOE I will do everything I can to advocate for all students to receive an education that will prepare them to launch into the world. Whether that is four-year college, trade school, employment, or whatever ever adventure they care to seek. In Verona, there should be a place for every student and every student should be able to find their place.

For a link to the endorsement click here or here.

Chris Wacha provided a great endorsement highlighting my experience as an education attorney and advocate for children.  I hope to be able to work with Chris as a BOE member to make Verona schools even stronger than they are.

For a link to the article click here.

Along with the other candidates for Board of Education, I participated in an interview published by MyVerona.  For a link to the interview, click here.

I was honored to be one of the co-authors of the cover story for Exceptional Parents Magazine.  Although the magazine and article focus on the return to school for students with special needs, many of the suggestions apply to students without special needs.  Reaching out to your child's teacher to discuss areas of concern, organizing school supplies, and if possible visiting a new school before the first day are universally good ideas for any student. 

To read the article, please click here

Earlier this year, I was featured in NJ Lawyers Magazine highlighting the challenges in Special Education. My piece discussed dyslexia, one of the most common specific learning disabilities and some recent legal updates. 

For a link to the magazine, please click here

More to come!

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