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Why am I running?

For many people, I am sure that is the first question you have. The past few years have been incredibly stressful for everyone, particularly those involved in education. As an attorney who practices education law, I know first-hand how difficult it was for school staff, administration, parents, and especially students to deal with the constant changes. Now that we are approaching a more normal time, there are new challenges on the horizon. We, as a community, are facing significant changes in our town in the coming years. These changes are what inspired me to run for the Board of Education.

As part of filing my candidate paperwork, there was a section for a three-word campaign slogan. After spending some time thinking about what I wanted to relay to the community, I ended up with INNOVATION INTEGRITY COMMUNICATION. Over the coming weeks, I will write about why I chose each of those words to represent me, my campaign, and hopefully my time as a member of the Verona Board of Education.

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